Membrane Potential / Calcium
Widefield Optical Imaging
Membrane Potential/Widefield Optical
Optical Imaging System
MiCAM Series

SciMedia specializes in complete turn-key, optical imaging systems for neuroscience and cardiac research.

Optical Imaging System MiCAM Series
High Speed Imaging System

1,000 fps at 256x256 pixels
Original Large CMOS Image Sensor

High Speed Imaging System MiCAM03-N256
Bio Imaging
  • Voltage Sensitive Dye
  • Calcium Dye
  • GCaMP
  • GEVI
  • Intrinsic Optical Signal
  • and more...
Bio Imaging

Imaging Applications

Our Advantages

Custom CMOS image sensors having high speeds, wide dynamic range, and low noise
Our cameras are used to detect both voltage sensitive dye signals and calcium signals at optimal S/N ratios.
Imaging system, optics, and software developed based on 24 years of experience
Turnkey systems are ready for immediate use. Custom-made products are also available upon customers requests.
650 scientific research papers have been published using our imaging systems
Our systems are used by customers in over 220 universities, research institutes, and companies. 420 units have been installed in the last 24 years.


Multi-function, high-speed imaging system MiCAM05-N256


Multi-function, high-speed imaging system. Imaging speed of up to 1,923 fps with 256x256 pixels. Up to 4 cameras can be connected.

High-speed imaging system MiCAM03-N256


High-speed imaging system. Imaging speed of up to 1,000 fps with 256x256 pixels. Up to 2 cameras can be connected.

An Ultra-Sensitive Imaging System MiCAM03-C35IR


An ultra-sensitive, wide-field imaging system equipped with a large 35mm full-size CMOS sensor with 2,160x1,280 pixels.

Fluorescence Mesoscope THT

THT Series

A fluorescence mesoscope developed for the purpose of detecting slight changes in fluorescence intensity to the maximum extent.

LED Light Source LEX3


An LED light source developed in pursuit of high brightness, high brightness stability, and simple operability. You can choose from two colors, blue and green.

Analysis Software BV Workbench

BV Workbench

Software developed for analysis of optical imaging data such as neural activity and cardiac activity. Various image analysis can be performed quickly.

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